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Our products are pre-developed code bases so they are a faster way to get the insights you need. While they are pre-designed, they are also completely customable and configurable to your individual organisation. Because these tools are already established, you get the best of both worlds – a faster, more accurate result than starting from the ground up, with all the benefits of a tailored solution.

Unit Diagrammer

Reduce operational costs and better meet your customers’ needs by ensuring your services meet specific levels of demand. Unit Diagrammer can be used as a standalone platform or integrated with your existing systems to help with scenario planning, fleet deployment optimisation, timetabling and more.

Yield Optimiser

You don’t have to rely on guesswork when it comes to setting the right price for your products and growing your revenue. If you want to confidently match supply and demand, calculate the elasticity of demand, predict market fluctuations, and determine the optimum level of segmentation for your customers, Yield Optimiser is the starting point.

Infrastructure Unblocker

Optimise your fixed capacity system without increasing your infrastructure costs. Whether you’re loading freight on to trucks, passengers on to buses, people into stadia or liquid through pipe networks, Infrastructure Unblocker will get everything flowing smoothly.

Urban Engine

Build your “30 minute city”. Strengthen your public transport networks and identify any areas that are being under or over served by the network. Urban Engine uses live operational, geographic, timetable and population data to help you see at a glance how well your current networks reach people and where you can improve. It is a cutting-edge take on traditional urban planning tools.


Tranzer is our journey planning and ticketing engine for use with integrated multi-modal transport networks. Have a look here.

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