Products made with our data

Our products are pre-developed code bases so they are a faster way to get the insights you need. While they are pre-designed, they are also completely customable and configurable to your individual organisation. Because these tools are already established, you get the best of both worlds – a faster, more accurate result than starting from the ground up, with all the benefits of a tailored solution.

Unit Diagrammer

Reduce operational costs and better meet your customers’ needs by ensuring your services meet specific levels of demand. Unit Diagrammer can be used as a standalone platform or integrated with your existing systems to help with scenario planning, fleet deployment optimisation, timetabling and more.

OPS (Operations Performance System)
OPS (Operations Performance System)

OPS is our live KPI and network performance monitoring tool. Built with an embedded ‘off the shelf’ cutting edge analytics dashboard and mapping software, and taking vehicle or vessel locations from any available location system, OPS determines whether you’re running on time and allows you to test your performance against different standards. It includes custom add-ons for live monitoring dashboards and manual entry for systems changes to ensure you know how you’re doing at any point in time. It has been bench marked against multi-million dollar systems and performs much better given our custom algorithms (rather than relying on more and more physical infrastructure). Have a look here.


Optimise your fixed capacity system without increasing your infrastructure costs. Whether you’re loading freight on to trucks, passengers on to buses, people into stadia or liquid through pipe networks, NetworkSim, our network simulation software, will get everything flowing smoothly. Have a look here.

Urban Engine
Urban Engine

Build your “30 minute city”. Strengthen your public transport networks and identify any areas that are being under or over served by the network. Urban Engine uses live operational, geographic, timetable and population data to help you see at a glance how well your current networks reach people and where you can improve. It is a cutting-edge take on traditional urban planning tools. Have a look here.


Tranzer is our journey planning and ticketing engine for use with integrated multi-modal transport networks. Have a look here.


Lynxx’s winning entry into the 2018 Telstra Innovation Challenge was the IoT device called Ergorithm. The prototype was developed and built in a week and is now being developed into a market-ready healthcare device for posture monitoring and correction. Check out Ergorithm here.

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