Where we operate

Although our tools and technologies are applicable to any industry that is rich in data, we have specific expertise and experience in three major sectors.

Transport, Logistics & Infrastructure

We work extensively across the public transport, logistics and infrastructure industries. Whether that’s a bus operation, a train timetable, a logistics hub or a heavy infrastructure facility, we’ve probably already seen the sorts of challenges that you face. Our work spans the whole range of disciplines from timetable optimisation, to fleet planning, crowding models, revenue protection, truck loading and network efficiency.

Retail & financial services

We have significant experience in retail and financial services. Whether your challenge sits in point of sale retail analytics, ticketing systems or the insurance sector, our teams have worked on a large number of relevant projects. Our work usually involves blending very large and complex data sets to draw insights and make predictions about customer behaviour, including purchase patterns, matching supply and demand, sales point optimisation and fraud detection.

Social Sciences

We have a growing practice in social sciences. We’ve helped customers investigate safety incidents, predict antisocial behaviour, identify anomalies in human-system interfaces and understand patterns of behaviour. We’re confident that we can help identify the underlying behavioural patterns in your networks and demonstrate ways to change them.

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