Matt McInnes

I’m Matt and I’m responsible for Lynxx in the Asia-Pacific region. Although I’m now based in Sydney, I consider myself to be a citizen of the world (but still waiting for a passport). I studied machine learning back when it used to be called linear regression, and I’m passionate about data and how they can be used to improve our quality of life. When I’m not working with our customers I’ll be trying to teach my kids about how to interpret the data around them.

+61 419 202 545


Ryan Burt
Ryan Burt

I joined Lynxx in 2017 after completing my research studies in chemical engineering and simulation. The opportunity to expand my horizons into data science was a decisive factor for me in joining the team. I love the challenge of working on complex tasks that require creative solutions and Lynxx enables me to learn all kinds of new approaches to analysing data. Outside of work you will usually find me with a book or a guitar in my hands, or if I’m especially lucky, a golf club.

+61 415 292 023


Sanneke Mulderink

I am Sanneke and one of the two original founders of Lynxx. I am inspired by growth in a natural way. I love to create new shoots to a branch. At Lynxx we do this by investing in people’s growth and sincere connections with our customers. These core values are the drivers behind our continuous innovation and high performance.

+31 6 10 32 26 94


Paul Rooijmans

I am Paul and one of the two original founders of Lynxx. I am inspired by travelling and love being submerged in different cultures. By doing this I experience how things in life can be perceived in a different way. What I see as the solution for a problem is not always obvious for someone else. Looking at things from different angles helps me to keep a fresh and pragmatic view, with a Dutch creative twist.

+31 6 20 01 93 58


Peter Nijhuis

In 2014 I started working at Lynxx. I studied sustainable energy technology engineering. Both the energy and the vibe within the team were decisive factors to join Lynxx. Even though the team is really diverse, we share a common factor which connects us and leads to new ideas and innovative projects. I believe in personal growth and enjoy travelling to learn from various cultures. At Lynxx I have the opportunity to combine both, to work with people abroad and to improve my skills and knowledge.

+31 6 28 87 62 87


Simon Langbroek

My name is Simon Langbroek. I have been part of the team since 2013. I studied actuarial science and mathematical finance. Understanding complexity in order to achieve the best performance is what inspires me most. Lynxx empowers me to expand my fascination for machine learning and data science while being part of a fun and talented team.

+31 6 25 26 98 05

Yiqiao Pan
Yiqiao Pan

I’m Qiao and I joined Lynxx in 2018. I am passionate about data science and other advanced technologies. I studied analytics and electronic and information engineering and I love working with forward-thinking people, interesting in expanding their world view through data. I’m excited about my analytics journey with Lynxx – blending the technical and mathematical, always ensuring we can get the best out of data for our clients. In my spare time I play the piano for relaxation and am trying to generate musical compositions using machine learning.

+61 416 614 816


Minhee Carswell
Minhee Carswell

I’m Minhee. I joined Lynxx in 2018 and I studied economics and statistics. I am passionate about big data and reading the story the data would like to tell us. The opportunity to apply various approaches to data within Lynxx fascinates me. It is valuable to solve real life problems and improve our daily life. Outside of work, I enjoy playing the piano and baking to stay creative. Music with sweets keeps me happy!

+61 424 202 545


Kevin Mann

My name is Kevin and I joined Lynxx in 2015. I studied econometrics, actuarial studies and operations research. I love being part of this versatile team of creative and open-minded people. Together, we manage to solve the various problems we face every day. When not working, you’ll find me listening to Henry Saiz’s music or longboarding (or both).

+ 61 424 802 545


Koen Frankhuizen

My name is Koen. I have had the pleasure of working for Lynxx since 2012. I studied theoretical and mathematical physics and I love working on data-driven, analytical projects. I try to find high quality, applicable solutions for business problems. Working at Lynxx is everyday fun due to the combination of doing cool things together, building innovative products and opportunities to grow as a person.

+31 6 37 34 88 57


Beau Bellamy

I’m Beau, I joined Lynxx in 2019. I studied astrophysics. The data driven approach to solving problems was a decisive factor in joining the team. I really enjoy learning about different industries through their data and coming up with solutions that can improve organisations. When I’m not working, you might find me brewing my own beer or building machine learning models that can improve decision making. I’m currently working on a motorbike valuation model.

+61 414 916 458


Mark Starikov

I’m Mark and I joined Lynxx in 2019. I studied IT. I love exploring new technologies and finding ways to apply them in live projects. In my spare time I enjoy building unusual computer cases and electronic devices (soldering). I’m a Linux evangelist and open source fan.

+61 437 021 268


Maaike de Groot

I am Maaike. I have worked for Lynxx since 2012. I studied actuarial science. I am inspired by people. In my travels I have met many people with different beliefs and views of the world. They have taught me to see things from different perspectives – which helps me in my work to better understand the end-user of data and how people like to interpret visualisations.

+31 6 11 75 09 17


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